Link can either strike the three Lanmolas with his sword, the Bow, or bombs.The Ice Rod can also be used and is the most powerful weapon against the Lanmolas. Use this when you need to buy potions, and especially when you need to buy Flippers or, above all else, Bomb and Arrow capacity upgrades from the Pond of Happiness at Lake Hylia (see above). She will give you a #4 sword, silver arrows, and fill your empty jars with magic potion. To get the Bird, you must acquire the Flute. But hitting the right guard while on the upper level will drop you beneath the floor, letting you walk into (under) the wall. Shoot him once. If you use the hookshot, throughout the entire duration of the animation you will be invulnerable to damage and knockback. Then, leave the cave and come back.

Once you have the Flippers from Zora, you can access this secret, this very, very useful secret. A fairly important secret, the Waterfall of Wishing provides Link the opportunity to upgrade two of his very important items, his Shield, and Boomerang.

Give the mushroom to her and she will say that she will give you something in return. A golden bee will appear, which you should capture with your net and store in a bottle. If done correctly, you'll be in a surrounded area with the right-most grave in the Light World's graveyard, surrounded by dark green stones that can only be moved with the Titan's Mitt.

There is a way - actually, several - that you can defeat the Dark World dungeons. So what’s going on here?

Few Zelda games are as memorable as A Link To The Past, the classic SNES title that redefined the franchise, and paved the way forward for its future successors. If you've

The walkthrough below is a complete 100% A Link to the Past walkthrough that will cover a full run through of the entire game, including strategies for all bosses and dungeons, the collection of all heart pieces, upgrades, and guides that take you through the entirety of the game. The 2 torches at the end of the room will go out.

Try to avoid them. He can transport you to many locations. It contains 45 Blue Rupees scattered on a shining blue floor and a Telepathy Tile on the back wall. In the normal world (not the dark one), go to the area before the desert, just to the west of the swamps.

When he stomps, the floor will cave in on one side. It'll open up revealing a staircase leading down.

Remove it to find a secret passageway and go inside where Link will meet a thief with some advice and 10 pots containing blue rupees (50 rupees total). Usually, to get it, you'd have to wait until after you get the Titan's Mitt, but not if you know what to do!

He'll stomp 4 times.

If you call the Duck and don't want him, move out of the way before he scoops you up and he'll pass right by. You can't open it, so bring it to that guy in the light world who wants to be left alone. If you don't know what doubling your magic meter is, it's the act in this game of putting a "1/2" over your magic meter in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. The door out will lead out the doorway of Link's house. Go back out and re-enter this cave again and again to keep gaining rupees.

Proceed to the castle, and go around to the right to the secret entrance you used at the start of the game.

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In order to access the room again, you must beat Ganon again. It'll take some practice, but you can catch up to him. It doesn't do anything, but take it and go to the witch who is brewing something beside the potion shop. Do this 1 or 2 more times and he will be defeated.

It's not exactly necessary, but you'll find it plenty useful regardless. From here, go in front of the gravestone and dash into it with the Pegasus Shoes. Here's how: You don’t have to use save states or cheats to finish the game. Quickly equip your bow and silver arrows. Contents[show] Anti-Fairies When Link encounters an Anti-Fairy, he can sprinkle it with Magic Powder to turn it into a Fairy. When an evil magician named Agahnim begins kidnapping young maidens in Hyrule in a quest to break the imprisoning seal on Ganon, a young boy named Link is called upon to stop him in this action-adventure classic. Do this another time. Check it out! The balls will expand. Sprinkle it on the altar you can find down the hole outside of the Blacksmith’s house to get double magic. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. The uses of this are many - getting items early, primarily, although this can also add to the replay value of the game. The tile says, "My name is Chris Houlihan. After you have maxed all your equipment, collected all the crystals, and beaten Ganon, go to the light world.

Soon they will turn to fire bats. Isn't that fantastic? Do this step 3 times.

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