Checking for a stall speed on the footbrake isn’t the most accurate way because you’re only at part throttle and not making a large amount of torque, so the converter will not see much stall speed.Caine is able to provide some more accurate methods of finding where your converter stall speed approximately is so you can get the most out of it. At stall, the torque converter can produce maximum torque multiplication, called stall ratio, if sufficient input power is applied.The acceleration stage sees the car moving but a relatively large difference between pump and turbine speed, where the converter will produce torque multiplication that is less than what could be achieved under stall conditions.Coupling is when the turbine reaches roughly 90 percent of the speed of the pump. Most stock cars will have between 1,000 – 1,400 RPM stalls.

– Dave CaineStators come different shapes, sizes, and materials, but they all have the same job of making sure the converter is reaching the correct stall speed. Overall, the switch to a torque converter that has a stall speed targeted towards our future upgrades on the Red Dragon is working out as planned.Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE!We'll send you the most interesting Dragzine articles, news, car features, and videos every week.We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. The great part about this converter is that ATI includes the pilot necessary to get the torque converter to fit on the input shaft with no additional shims. All you need to do is fill it with fluid and make sure you turn it until you hear the three distinct “clunks” and the converter is seated on the pump and ready to be bolted to the flexplate.The old converter in the Red Dragon was flashing at nearly 4,000 rpm on motor and a whopping 5,200 rpm on nitrous. “For a race-only application, the basic rule is to get the converter to flash just above peak torque. Weight and resistance has a great bearing on stall speed. Just selecting a random converter based on a few calculations from a website will not allow your car to perform its best, and could actually hurt your ability to get the best ET’s possible when at the track; it’s important to ensure you have the right configuration for your application. The heavier a car is, the more load it will put on the torque converter when power is applied, causing it to flash at a higher speed. The RPM range of the torque and horsepower curves are most important in configuring a converter correctly for a given engine combination.”If you’re planning on bringing a power-adder into the mix with your car, that will absolutely require a change in your torque converter’s stall speed. When Brian is not writing, you can find him at the track as a crew chief, doing freelance photography, or beating on his nitrous-fed 2000 Trans Am.

The different angles on the stator’s fins are used to increase or decrease the velocity at which the fluid hits the turbine,” Caine says.“The more torque your engine makes, the more holding capacity you need from your torque converter. It can also refer to the torque load needed to cause the device's rotational speed to drop to zero. When you have a converter that is sized correctly and has the right stall speed for your combination, the results will speak for themselves on your time slip.A torque converter’s job is to take the horsepower an engine produces and multiply that to make the car accelerate.

The basic rule applies: you should get a torque converter built to your specific combination and intentions so the stall speed is correct. Going to a reputable torque converter manufacturer like ATI with your vehicle’s information will allow them to build you a unit that will have a stall speed catered to your vehicle and its goals.
450 x 1.8 = 810 ft/lbs of torque at the trans input shaft when the car flash stalls to 4,200 RPM from a dead stop.

The more fluid you feed the turbine, the harder it pushes on it and the more torque is delivered to the transmission. If there were a vote for the most misunderstood automotive component, we're willing to bet the automatic transmission would rank pretty high, and the torque converter itself possibly higher still. "Two different-size converters can have the same stall speed, but their efficiencies will vary greatly," he said.

If you go into a higher stall speed range, the car has the ability to produce better elapsed times, however, it will start to generate a lot more heat on the street and lose some drivability. The 9-inch is more efficient in high-stall applications, as the pump blades maintain a positive pitch. "A 9-inch converter stalls higher, because it generates less fluid by virtue of its smaller size. The car will seem very lazy when you launch, and your 60-foot times will be poor, causing your elapsed times to rise.The ATI SuperStreet Master we used is a billet-faced torque converter that’s a direct-fit for the 4L60E & 4L65E transmission that came in GM cars and trucks. This was causing the converter to not be as efficient on the top end of the track and going through the traps nearly on the rev limiter. An N/A torque converter will typically want to be lightweight, whereas a power-adder converter will most likely want a heavy cover and anti-ballooning plates, and each will have a different stall speed range, too.”The previous torque converter we were using in the Red Dragon wasn’t a bad unit by any stretch of the imagination.
In testing, the Red Dragon ran a best of 10.94 at 123 mph with a 1.53 60-foot time. According to Greg, "A 2,500-rpm stall speed converter in a T-bucket will probably stall around 1,800 rpm, but put the same converter in a pickup and that'll go up to around 2,800 rpm." This ensures a margin for application for the torque converter to take off. According to Caine, the stall speed will be different for each, but how you determine it remains the same. These types of tests can lead to premature failure of the converter and are not a recommended practice.”Before you start calling every torque converter manufacturer trying to gain access to the secrets of stall speed and what your car needs, you first need to figure out what the primary purpose of the car will be.

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